Human-centred design fundamentals


This face-to-face course introduces participants to the theoretical aspects of human-centred design (HCD). You’ll explore real life examples through case studies and work on a practice design challenge.
All employees
Level of expertise
Completion of Customer 1st training and/or experience demonstrating the customer 1st values, behaviours and principles
2 days (over 2 weeks), with additional take-home research activities (no more than 3 hours)


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Learn from the experts

Get the benefit of face-to-face training with Queensland Government’s HCD experts.


Understand HCD

You’ll learn:

  • how to confidently explain HCD and communicate the benefits
  • how to take a design-centric mindset 
  • the steps within the stages of HCD.

Apply HCD

Learn how to:

  • use tools and resources through the stages of HCD
  • apply the HCD approach to a design challenge
  • influence stakeholders to adopt a HCD approach.

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