Human-centred design fundamentals



This is a free 2-day workshop by the Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group within the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy. The workshop is designed to build capability in human-centred design across the public sector.

In this hands-on workshop you’ll be guided through a three-stage process for designing innovative ideas. This creative approach to problem solving will challenge you to get out into the real world and test your ideas so you can arrive at exciting, unexpected solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

All employees
Level of expertise
2 days (over 2 weeks), to allow for field research experience


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Learn from the experts

Get the benefit of face-to-face training with Queensland Government’s HCD experts.


Understand and apply HCD

You’ll learn how to:

  • create innovative solutions for customer problems using the Queensland Government three-diamond model
  • conduct customer interviews and synthesise learning to uncover insights and identify opportunities for design
  • bring your ideas to life using prototypes to test with customers to identify promising solutions to implement in your workplace.

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