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Common resource management examples

The following examples illustrate how the resource management scenarios can be used in practical situations common to government website and web application operations.

Machinery-of-government transition resulting in domain change

The Examples Department has been renamed to the Department of Examples. All resources previously hosted under www.ed.qld.gov.au must be moved to www.doe.qld.gov.au.

In this situation it is acceptable to redirect any resource requested at www.ed.qld.gov.au to the equivalent path under www.doe.qld.gov.au using a permanent redirect (see RMS 2.1 - A single resource moved permanently) (even if that URL never existed — in which case the error condition can be handled under the new domain).

For example:

  • http://www.ed.qld.gov.au/sitemap/ should be permanently redirected (see RMS 2.1) to http://www.doe.qld.gov.au/sitemap/
  • http://www.ed.qld.gov.au/a-typo-zdhp should be permanently redirected (see RMS 2.1) to http://www.doe.qld.gov.au/a-typo-zdhp (the user input error can be handled there).

Machinery-of-government transition resulting in splitting and combining of resources between multiple domains

Part of the Department of Fresh Produce is being incorporated into the Department of Examples. As a result, the Department of Examples has been renamed to The Department of Examples and Tropical Fruit. All resources previously hosted under www.doe.qld.gov.au must be moved to www.doetf.qld.gov.au, also resources related to tropical fruit must be moved from www.dofp.qld.gov.au to www.doetf.qld.gov.au.

This is a messy (but not uncommon) situation. The moving of resources from www.doe.qld.gov.au to www.doetf.qld.gov.au can be handled as the first example related to a domain change.

The moving of some resources from www.dofp.qld.gov.au to www.doetf.qld.gov.au will require more effort but can be achieved through the use of permanent redirects (see RMS 2.1).
Each resource that has been moved from www.dofp.qld.gov.au will need to be permanently redirected (see RMS 2.1) to its new location within www.doetf.qld.gov.au.

For example:

  • http://www.doe.qld.gov.au/sitemap/ should be permanently redirected (see RMS 2.1) to http://www.doetf.qld.gov.au/sitemap/
  • http://www.dofp.qld.gov.au/produce/pineapples/ should be permanently redirected (see RMS 2.1) to http://www.doetf.qld.gov.au/fruit/pineapples/.