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HR communities of practice and networks

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There are a number of human resource (HR) related groups across the sector that promote discussion, knowledge and resource sharing, and collaboration. Many of the groups have regular meetings and an associated Yammer group.

To add or update a group, email development@psc.qld.gov.au.

Strategic Workforce Council

The Strategic Workforce Council (SWC) is the peak consultative and advisory body for strategic workforce priorities in the Queensland Public Service (QPS).

With a focus on transformation and innovation, the SWC will:

  • influence the strategic QPS workforce agenda and provide assurance to the Leadership Board (LB) and the Public Service Commission (PSC) on workforce strategies and programs.
  • provide high level advice to inform the development and implementation of QPS workforce priorities.
  • enable improved workforce outcomes for the QPS through collaborative approaches to workforce responses.

The SWC works in conjunction with chief human resource officers, who continue to work collectively to drive improvement in workforce management practices across the sector.

Chief Human Resources Officer Network

The role of the network is to:

  • position the strategic HR agenda for the Queensland public service through innovation, intelligence and expert advice to the Public Service Commission (PSC) Chief Executive and the CEO Leadership Board
  • build a shared understanding of the sector’s strategic workforce priorities
  • enable the successful implementation of CEO Leadership Board decisions for real workforce outcomes through sectorwide partnerships

Performance and Capability Community of Practice

This network of Queensland government HR practitioners:

  • discuss and shares best practice in capability development
  • identify whole-of-government capability issues and priorities
  • seek innovative solutions to capability issues
  • progress capability initiatives.

Manage your membership:

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Mentoring and Coaching Community of Practice

The Mentoring and Coaching CoP meets every 2 months to:

  • exchange knowledge
  • share best practice in coaching and mentoring
  • identify opportunities for cross-agency collaboration
  • share ideas and resources.

Join the Yammer group for more information.

Workforce Analysis & Reporting Community of Practice

This community meets periodically to:

  • build (or rebuild) networks in workforce analysis and reporting
  • share intelligence, ideas and perspectives
  • discuss any issues or hot topics affecting workforce analysis and reporting within agencies and support each other.

To join the network, contact HSQ-PPAnalytics@health.qld.gov.au.

Queensland Government Yammer network

The Queensland Government (QG) Yammer network is a whole-of-government platform where members can:

  • exchange knowledge
  • share best practice
  • identify opportunities for cross-agency collaboration
  • share ideas and resources.

HR Yammer group

The Queensland Government HR Yammer group provides a whole-of-government platform for sharing and collaboration on HR matters.

This Yammer group supports the Performance and Capability Community of Practice.

Working for Queensland group

The Working for Queensland survey provides a rich source of data about the perceptions of the sector's workforce. Each agency is actively working on strategies to help improve varying aspects of their workplace climate.

This group provides a forum for sharing actions and strategies that people are working on and takes a collegiate approach to addressing issues.

More information:

Inclusion and Diversity Yammer group

The Inclusion and Diversity Yammer group brings together staff working to create inclusive workplaces that celebrate and welcome diversity.

Join the Yammer group.

Change Management Network

The Change Management CoP meets quarterly to bring change leaders at all levels together to share information and learn from each other through:

  • face-to-face forums (including external guest speakers)
  • online collaboration.

Join the Yammer group.

Brisbane Instructional Design group

This group is open to all instructional designers or individuals who design courses and unsure how to get started. Discussions are focused on designing formal training (online, face-to-face, or blended) rather than generic leadership and development topics.

The group meets monthly, subject to venue availability. Invitations are sent 1 week before the session, and include an overview of the session content.

Members are from the public, private, tertiary education and not-for-profit sectors.

Ask to join the Brisbane Instructional Design LinkedIn Group for more information about membership and upcoming events.