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GovHack 2016: shape the future with open data

GovHack is an annual open data competition held all over Australia and New Zealand. The event challenges participants to use publicly released government data in new ways that benefit the community.

This year the weekend event will run for 46 hours from 29 to 31 July 2016 at multiple locations across Queensland.

GovHack helps address the challenges facing government and contributes to social and economic development.

Data uses might involve innovative apps or mashing up data through visualisations, electronic gadgets, and data stories.

People from various backgrounds including government, private sector, industry, academia and, of course, the general public, come together to mashup, reuse, and remix government data.

The competition categories are announced on the Friday night of the event. Teams then trawl through the official data sets to find new ideas or ways to reuse the data to win prizes in the international, national, state and local prize categories.

In 46 hours, teams create a project page, proof of concept and a video that tells the story of how the data can be reused. Many of the concepts are innovative community apps providing new ways to tackle the challenges facing our community and government.

How can the Queensland Government be involved?

Queensland Government departments can be involved by becoming a sponsor, which could include setting a competition category or problem for teams to solve, providing prizes or giving winners access to data to develop a proof of concept.

Departments are also encouraged to provide mentors for the event such as data custodians or experts on release themed-specific data sets. Mentors need to register before the GovHack weekend.

GovHack is open to everyone and anyone from data vis, graphic designers, journos, digital media dabblers, budding entrepreneurs, OpenGov enthusiasts and user experience peeps through to web developers and hard core application developers.

Learn more about how to get involved with GovHack or email your Queensland Government contact at opendata@qld.gov.au.