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Get data insights and analytics

Get data insights and analytics

What is this?

The Data Sharing and Analysis team solves complex problems, informs decision-making, and drives efficiencies through advanced data analytics. We support whole-of-government initiatives as well as individual agencies to build, embed and leverage data analytics.
Whole-of-government agencies
Level of expertise


Experienced, informed consulting

We draw on experience and learnings from across government to provide you the best advice and consultancy services.

Tailored solutions

We can deliver projects on premises, as a cloud-based solution, or via our own data analytics platform (handed over at the end of the engagement).

Advanced range of analytics methods

We use a wide range of analytics software and technology to draw the best insights from your data.


Understand your data

We can help you understand your current data assets and data capabilities, and help you develop a data sharing and analytics strategy.

Get value from your data

Use your data to make informed, justifiable decisions.

Make it easier to access and leverage your data

Get more from your analytics team by providing them with up-to-date data, in the right format, using the correct governance and security measures.

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