Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

Your agency may do this differently.

The process for FBT may differ by agency. Talk to your finance team or see your agency intranet.


What is this?

A fringe benefit is a benefit provided to somebody because they are an employee. Employers pay FBT based on the taxable value of the benefit.
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Monthly review of transactions

In addition to your annual FBT return, QSS will review your transactions monthly to ensure accurate processing and adjustments.

Electronic lodgement of returns with our dedicated software

QSS lodges your FBT returns electronically, with the option for you to review before lodgement and view your history at any time.


Liase with the Australian Tax Office through QSS

For trusted tax advice, turn to your dedicated QSS tax specialist. Your single point of contact knows your history and really understands your business. You also get the benefit of QSS’s direct relationship with the ATO via a dedicated client relationship manager.

Take advantage of shared knowledge across government

QSS provides taxation services to most government agencies. Our people collaborate and share knowledge so that you benefit from the experiences of others.


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