Food and beverage purchases

The Queensland Procurement Policy sets out our commitment to prioritise Buy Queensland first when purchasing food and beverages.

As a government buyer, you’re already looking for opportunities for Queensland businesses to supply to government using the local benefits test.

When you are planning food and beverage purchases you should think about:

  • where the product is made, grown or produced
  • how your purchase may have a local benefit (e.g. using local businesses)
  • sharing your local supplier knowledge and contacts within your agency or department.

By identifying and planning for these opportunities, we will:

  • ensure Queensland food and beverages are used, unless impractical, and
  • ensure suppliers (such as distributors, caterers or event organisers) partner with businesses that supply Queensland food and beverages.

In purchasing Queensland food and beverages, you can:

  • support local businesses and jobs
  • reduce transport and your carbon footprint
  • support regional Queensland.

Read our food and beverage procurement guidance for government buyers (PDF, 1.4 MB) for more information.

Finding local food and beverage suppliers

The Queensland Government Food and Beverage Supplier Directory lists suppliers and caterers that:

  • have a physical Queensland presence
  • employ Queenslanders
  • supply goods that are grown, made or produced in Queensland.

We recommend using Google Chrome to view and search. 

You can also filter results to show social enterprises or Aboriginal businesses and Torres Strait Islander businesses.