Find out about our Lived Experience employees

1. Mitchell Wilson

Mitchell Wilson

Project Officer, father, of low vision, car enthusiast
Department of Housing and Public Works

‘I joined the Queensland public sector almost 13 years ago and have not looked back,’ says Mitchell.

‘There were no opportunities in the private sector because the support mechanisms were not available back then and this created barriers to employing a person with a disability.

‘In contrast, my experience working for the public sector has been completely different with opportunities for professional development and reduced barriers and bias which has helped build my self-esteem and contributed to a rewarding career.

‘I have worked in various roles for the Department of Housing and Public Works, including Administration Officer, Executive Assistant, Business Assurance Coordinator and my current role as Project Officer which I’m responsible for accurate and on-time reporting of four key programs across the state.

‘It has been a satisfying experience working in the public sector which embraces diversity and encourages individuals to bring their authentic self to work.

‘I hope other people with an impairment explore career opportunities in the public arena and enjoy a similar journey.’

2. Louise O’Neill

Louise O'Neill

Principal Advisor, mum, depression and anxiety warrior
Queensland Health

‘In my current role I am privileged to be building an inclusive and diverse workforce in the Queensland public sector by bringing the Disability Confidence project to life by developing and implementing the Disabling the barriers implementation plan,’ says Louise.

‘This means creating an inclusive culture that promotes the skills and insights of our people irrespective of gender, ethnicity, generation, sexual orientation or disability.

‘I do this by building awareness and capability of disability in the workplace and helping agencies develop a culture that disables the barriers.

‘For example, we recently launched the whole-of-sector Knowledge Centre and the many different faces of disability campaign. This includes resources and communication toolkit to help agencies raise awareness of the different faces of disability and assist employees to make our workplaces inclusive, diverse and accessible.

‘I believe diversity in our workforce is crucial and feel very fortunate to be working for the public sector which is committed to promoting inclusive and diverse workplaces.’

3. Tony Stone

Tony Stone

Manager, father, autistic, martial artist
Department of Natural Resources, Mining and Energy

‘Since re-joining the Queensland public sector two years ago I have noticed a much better balance of diversity around the office compared to earlier in my career,’ says Tony.

‘This is important to me because as an employee living with disability, I feel better supported and appreciated for my contribution to the workplace.

‘Also, as the state’s largest employer, we need to better reflect the community we serve.

‘I started my career as a young engineer working for the Queensland Electricity Commission before I changed roles to an Energy Trader at a Queensland Government Owned Corporation, followed by several years in private industry.

‘My depth of experience and skills has helped me transition to my current role which ensures government policies are supported with appropriate facts and analysis.

‘I get a great deal of satisfaction working for an organisation that encourages inclusive, diverse and accessible workplaces and encourage others with disability to give it a go.’