When to use Comprehensive Contract Conditions

When buying general goods and services, there are a few different contract templates you could use.

This guide will help you decide whether the Comprehensive Contract Conditions (PDF, 231KB) are suitable for what you want to do.

Use for contracts:

  • requiring a performance guarantee or financial security (e.g. bank guarantee) from the supplier
  • where the transition risks are high (e.g. requiring the parties to work out what transition in or transition out services are required)
  • that are high-risk or complex, and the General Contract Conditions can't mitigate these risks.

Don't use for contracts:

  • where the goods/services are highly specialised, or where commercial arrangements are unique, requiring a custom contract
  • for building or construction works
  • for any interest in land or property
  • where the General Contract Conditions (including any special conditions) are sufficient to mitigate any risks
  • to buy ICT goods and services. Read more about how to create an ICT contract.