Procurement and contract management eLearning courses

eLearning is an important training delivery platform for building procurement and contract management skills.

Skills2Procure has enabled access to a range of eLearning as some staff:

  • prefer to learn using online learning
  • are in regional or remote locations and may not be able to attend CBD-based training
  • work from home and can best meet their work-life balance needs by attending eLearning rather than face-to-face skills training.

Free online courses

These short online courses offer all staff access to awareness or foundation skills training.

All these courses can be accessed from government departmental learning management systems:

  • Awareness: Procurement 101
  • Awareness: A Beginner's Guide to the Queensland Procurement Policy (QPP)
  • Foundation: An Introduction to Good Practice Contract Management
  • Foundation: An Introduction to Good Practice Social Procurement.

For more information:

  • talk to your agency HR team
  • if your agency cannot provide access to these courses, email and the team will assist you.

Procurement Certification Program Level 1 (Fundamentals)

The Procurement Certification Program (PCP) Level 1 (Fundamentals) is a low-cost, online course. It offers foundation skills in procurement with certification as a PCP Level 1 practitioner on completion.

For more information:

Courses available through the short course panel arrangement (QGP002-2018)

eLearning can be purchased for individuals or groups under a licensing arrangement.

Suppliers include:

  • Academy Global
  • ArcBlue
  • Comprara
  • QUT - through their strategic partnership with the International Association of Contract and Commercial Managers (IACCM).

For more information, read the Buyers Guide on QContracts.