About the agency procurement functional maturity assessment tools

Queensland Government Procurement (QGP) provides agencies access to a self-assessment tool to gauge their procurement functional maturity level. The contextualised, self-assessment tool reflects the procurement environment within the Queensland Government.

Why use it?

The tool provides confidence to an accountable officer that their procurement function can:

  • deliver procurement services to the business with due regard to the complexity of procurement spend
  • deliver robust, specialist procurement advice to the business through its procurement professionals.

Eligible users

The Supplier can provide its services to all Queensland Government public sector agencies comprising:

  • Queensland Government budget sector agencies
  • Queensland Government bodies (including government owned corporations, statutory bodies, commissions, and boards)
  • non-government organisations approved by the Queensland Government
  • universities
  • local government authorities.

What will it do?

The findings from an assessment will underpin an evidence-based approach to:

  • prioritising and progressing relevant continuous improvement initiatives based on known capability gaps across the procurement function
  • supporting agencies to better understand their functional maturity, their current strengths and where opportunities for improvement might exist
  • communicating with the business on what is done well, and where further resourcing and procurement capability investment is required (e.g. if the assessment results indicate that procurement processes are unclear, the agency can prioritise capability development in that area and thereby support government buyers to make better decisions).

Where agencies already have access to comparable tools under alternative arrangements there is no expectation that they must use this contract.

How it works

Access is provided through the contracted supplier for the online procurement functional maturity self-assessment tool.

The services include:

  • access to the online procurement functional maturity self-assessment tool for their completion.
  • a summary report to the buying agency of the findings derived from their completion of the procurement functional maturity self-assessment tool.
  • a benchmark of agency results against other agencies. (Note: Initial reports will first include a benchmark against Australian Government agencies, with an updated report to be issued using Queensland public sector benchmarking data once enough Queensland Government agencies have purchased this service.)
  • where a higher level of service has been purchased:
    • detailed findings and a recommendations roadmap to close the gap to achieve better practice procurement functional maturity standards.
  • where the highest level of service has been purchased:
    • a detailed debrief from a senior procurement consultant on the results of the self-assessment and recommended next steps
    • access to a procurement leaders' user group to share how better practice can and was implemented elsewhere.

Key features of the service

The key features of the procurement functional maturity assessment include:

  • Value for money: Delivers access to a tool that has been adapted to the Queensland public sector.
  • Reporting and benchmarking: Overarching reporting and benchmarking provides agencies with clarity on how they compare against best practice standards and against the performance of their peers.
  • Agency choice: Supplier offers three tiers of service delivery to provide the agency with choice.
  • Simplified engagement process: Streamlines the engagement process via access to a pre-established contract order.
  • Accessibility: Services can be delivered state-wide.
  • Contact order management: QGP will monitor the performance of the Supplier regarding services delivered under this contract order.

Next steps

Email to request a copy of the Purchasing Guide or Sample Contract Order.