Personal protective equipment (PPE)—non-clinical hand sanitisers and refills

The impacts of COVID-19 have placed a high demand on non-clinical hand sanitisers and refills. General Goods and Services has established a standing offer arrangement (SOA), with 3 suppliers to ensure stock remains available to the Queensland Government.

The SOA for the supply of non-clinical hand sanitisers and refills (GGS0070-20) is a supplementary, whole-of-government arrangement in place until 26 March 2021. It doesn't replace existing arrangements/panels, but provides additional hand sanitiser stock when needed.
The suppliers under this SOA have pre-negotiated size, packaging, pricing, delivery timeframes, terms and conditions and reporting requirements.

When placing an order, you must first ensure the supplier has the required stock available. If they don't, or the stock available is not sufficient to fulfil the order, you should consider:

  • taking the stock on-hand and choosing another size/lid to fulfil your requirements
  • selecting an available size/lid, or
  • contacting another supplier under the arrangement to see if they have the size/lid you want.

You can place orders with 1 or more suppliers.

More information

Detailed information on how to use this arrangement is available on the Queensland Contracts Directory (GGS0070-20)