Start a tender process for BCM

Process overview

  1. Develop project brief, specifications, documentation

  2. Select contract & conditions

  3. Issue tender & invite offers

  4. Evaluate & award contract

  5. Manage contract

Steps for buying

When planning your building construction and maintenance (BCM) procurement, you should:

  • search standing offer arrangements (SOAs) for existing contracts you could benefit from
  • use the online project search to find similar work by other agencies in your region
  • talk to your agency contact to see if similar tender processes are underway
  • consider using the general tendering process below if
    • there is no suitable SOA or other arrangement in place
    • there are no existing agency procedure to follow.

Tendering considerations

When tendering in the BCM category, you must:

  • choose the right contract and conditions of tender
  • comply with BCM frameworks and policies for your project and take steps to maximise local supplier involvement
  • plan your open, select list or sole supply tender
  • consider non-price and price evaluation criteria
  • manage your contract.

Helpful resources