Plan to use local suppliers for BCM

The Queensland Procurement Policy requires capable and competitive local suppliers to be given a full, fair and reasonable opportunity to supply to government.

You are required to apply a 'local benefits test' to all high-expenditure or high-risk procurement.

Assess risk for your project to find out if it's high risk.

For building construction and maintenance (BCM) procurement the local benefits test usually applies to:

Additional agency criteria

Ask your agency contact if your organisation has additional criteria that apply.

Plan to involve local suppliers

  • Know your market and make sure local suppliers have opportunities to tender.
  • Match local market capability to the tendering opportunities. (e.g. If a region has construction capability, but limited design capability, a design and construction contract may prevent local contractors from bidding.)
  • Participate in regional pre-delivery planning to maximise local participation.
  • Give the market enough notice to prepare.
  • Apply non-price criteria when evaluating tenders.


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