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Recruit Connect

Recruit Connect

What is this?

Recruit Connect helps you recruit from a diverse talent pool for executive roles of less than 12 months.
Senior leaders across all Queensland Government agencies.


Find the right person

We identify executives with leadership capabilities needed for your role from a diverse talent pool identified by the Executive Capability Assessment and Development (ECAD) initiative and, where appropriate, the Leaders Capability Assessment and Development (LCAD) initiative.

Collaborate across the Queensland public service

Enable greater collaboration and innovation across the Queensland public service to develop leadership talent and deliver better business outcomes.

Fast recruitment

The Public Service Commission will help with your recruitment. We will access the talent pool, consider leadership requirements of your vacancy, and shortlist for your consideration.


Fresh perspective

Get someone who can offer a fresh outlook, new skills, experiences and networks.


A cost-effective way to get someone in the job faster, who can hit the ground running.

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