Expression of interest for the procurement cross-agency task placement program

Under the cross-agency skills task placement program, staff can work with procurement teams across government to help deliver projects and programs that require additional skills and resources.

Complete this form if you are a:

  • supervisor with a placement opportunity to advertise
  • staff member who wants to participate in a placement.

Read the framework before you complete this form, so you understand the requirements and responsibilities required to participate in the program.

You need to talk to your supervisor before you begin this application. 

This ensures that:

  • they support your application
  • you agree on your development goals.

For more information, read the program information.

What you need for your application

You will need to tell us your development goals for this placement, including:

  • specialist responsibilities in your current role
  • specialist areas of strength in your current role
  • development goals for this placement - these need to align to your agreed developmental priorities
  • your career objectives for the next 3 to 5 years
  • benefits you will bring to the host agency
  • how this placement will benefit your current team. 

These goals need to align to your agreed developmental priorities.

    After you submit

    A copy of this form will be emailed to:

    • you
    • your supervisor
    • Skills2Procure

    Current role

    Career development

    Benefits to colleagues


    If you already know who you would like to be placed with, you can tell us here. Otherwise, we will find a placement for you. 

    About the placement

    You will need to tell the requirements for the placement opportunity, including:

    • what you need the person to do
    • the broader context that this opportunity relates to
    • experience level required
    • approxiate start date
    • length and time commitment 
    • procurement category context.

    After you submit

    A copy of this form will be emailed to:

    • you
    • Skills2Procure

    Your details

    Your supervisor's details

    A copy of this application form will be emailed to your supervisor. 

    Privacy statement

    The information being collected in this form is for the purpose of supporting a cross-agency task placement initiative relevant to Queensland Government Procurement. Your personal information may be disclosed within the Queensland Government to secure a suitable placement on your behalf.  No Placement will be implemented without your agreement. Your personal details will not be disclosed to any other third party or used for any other purpose without your consent, unless authorised or required to do so by law.