Executive coaching register


Leadership competencies for Queensland describes what highly effective, everyday leadership looks like in the Queensland public sector.

The framework provides a common understanding of the foundations for success across all public sector roles, enabling a high-performing, innovative and future-focused sector capable of making a positive difference to all Queenslanders.

One of the mechanisms to support our senior leaders to lead and work in new ways is providing access to formal coaching arrangements.

The Public Service Commission will establish a register of experienced coaches who understand the complexities faced by senior executives. Coaches on the register are expected to have substantial executive coaching experience, including at the C-suite level (agency heads and deputy directors-general or equivalent).


To be placed on the register, we would like you to submit a response about how you will meet the following requirements:

  • relevant individual coaching experience at the senior executive level (mandatory)
  • contact details of three senior executive referees you have coached (mandatory)
  • agreement to use the Queensland Government’s General Contract Conditions (PDF, 295 KB) for any coaching engagement (mandatory)
  • relevant experience coaching executive leadership teams (optional)


The Public Service Commission will review each submission to ensure all requirements are met. This includes contacting your nominated referees to collect feedback about the coaching engagement via a short online survey.

Register use

The executive coaching register will be available to Queensland public sector employees via a secure link and be promoted across government through several communications channels.


By submitting your application, you agree with the disclosure statement, information privacy statement and the Queensland Government General Contract Conditions, per below. Applications must be from individuals. The Public Service Commission will not accept applications from organisations.

Disclosure statement

The applicant acknowledges that the Public Service Commission has not made any representations or commitments that any Queensland Government agency will purchase any services from coaches appointed to the coaching register. The Public Service Commission, nor any Queensland Government agency, makes any commitment to purchase any, or any minimum volume of services, except as agreed in writing between a Queensland Government agency and the coach or coach's employing organisation.

The Public Service Commission and all Queensland Government agencies may engage other coaching providers (or themselves) to provide services and other deliverables the same as, or similar to, the services provided by coaches appointed to this register.

Information privacy statement

The Public Service Commission collects personal information from the supplier for the purpose of administering the registration process and coaching register. Personal information may be shared with Queensland Government agencies and bodies, non-government organisations and other governments in Australia for that purpose. If a coach is engaged by a Queensland Government agency to provide services, personal information may be made publicly available in accordance with the requirements of the Queensland Government’s procurement policy. An individual is able to gain access to personal information held by the Public Service Commission about the individual in certain circumstances.

Queensland Government General Contract Conditions

The applicant agrees to use Queensland Government General Contract Conditions (PDF, 295 KB) for any coaching engagement.