Transforming and Adapting: the inner and outer work of leading


18 June 2021




50 Oxlade Drive, New Farm, QLD 4005




Explore the inner work that enables us to lead well.

Led by Robbie Macpherson

This workshop offers us the opportunity to explore the inner work that enables us to lead well. We explore who we are choosing to be as leaders for these times. It will help us to understand how we transform ourselves and our organisations and create our own futures in the midst of uncertainty and complexity. It is a vital conversation for leadership teams to be having about how to rise to adaptive challenges and transform their organisations.

Robbie Macpherson has almost 20 years of experience designing and delivering innovative, transformational leadership and talent development programs for a diverse range of organisations and sectors. His passion is helping individuals and organisations develop the capacity to solve their own problems and overcome the complex challenges they face, using their ingenuity, skill and innovation.

Leadership competencies

This event aligns with the following Leadership competencies for Queensland - Leads change in complex environments and Pursues continuous growth.

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