Solving the problems of contemporary governance

Monday 30 September 2019
Auditorium 1, State Library of Queensland, Stanley Place, South Brisbane


How well is our contemporary system of governance organised to deal with the urgent and wicked social and economic issues of our time? If, in common with many citizens across Australia, your answer is ‘not very’, you are not alone.

Despite virtually continuous waves of public sector reform, serious questions need to be asked about whether our current arrangements are fit for purpose. Professor Anne Tiernan has brought her 20-year career in public administration and public policy and her incisive, insightful and highly relevant expertise in these questions to the independent review of the Australian Public Service.

With the generous support of the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand, ANZSOG is delighted to invite you to a thought-provoking seminar in Brisbane on how we might rediscover Australia’s tradition of innovative, creative and inclusive public policy.

What is the potential for ‘unconventional alliances’ to help overcome reform stasis and engage a wider range of Australians in the shared task of good public policy?


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