Regulatory excellence by Dr Claire Noone

Thursday 17 October 2019
Brisbane City Hall, Ithaca Room, 64 Adelaide Street, Brisbane


Through numerous reviews and an array of Better Regulation initiatives, Australasian Governments have invested considerable energy in defining what ‘excellence’ might mean for regulatory frameworks. Queensland Treasury has its own Guide to Better Regulation. But how are we going when it comes to operational excellence? Do we know what excellence looks like when it comes to our operating model, including such issues as clarity about outcomes, delivery channels, and access to the right suite of capabilities and skills?

Fortunately our speaker is here to help, drawing on her extensive experience of leading large regulators and reviewing and advising
many others. It will commence with an introduction by David Mackie, Director-General, Department of Justice, and Attorney-Generals, Senior Sponsor of the Queensland chapter of the NRCoP followed by discussion of a local example of building excellent regulatory capability in the early childhood workforce with Erica McLuckie from the Department of Education.

Leadership competencies

This event aligns with Drives accountability and outcomes and Demonstrates sound governance from the Leadership competencies for Queensland 

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