People matters leadership course (PSC)


23 March–25 March 2020






People matters is a 3-day leadership course for career pathways participants and current and aspiring team leaders in the Queensland Public Sector. 

Designed by the Public Service Commission and delivered by the Australian Institute of Management (AIM), it provides participants with the practical skills and confidence to effectively manage people, performance and change. The program helps leaders understand their leadership style and team dynamics to improve workplace engagement and productivity.

The program combines a self-paced online module, 3 days of face-to-face learning, including a workplace practice activity completed by participants with the support of their supervisors.

People matters provides the opportunity to not just learn about leadership, but to put your learnings into practice.

Leadership competencies

This events aligns with the following Leadership competencies for Queensland:

  • Audience: Individual contributor, Team leader, Program Leader.
  • Vision: Leads strategically, stimulates ideas and innovation, leads change in complex environments, makes insightful decisions.
  • Results: Develops and mobilises talent, builds enduring relationships, inspires others, drives accountability and outcomes.
  • Accountability: Fosters healthy and inclusive workplaces, pursues continuous growth, demonstrates sound governance.

What’s involved

Face-to-face learning sessions:

  • Townsville – 23-25 March

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander career pathways participants

This course is available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander career pathways participants. Limited spaces are available. To register or to find out more, please contact the career pathways team at

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