Lesbian Day of Visibility


26 April 2021


(All day)


Lesbian and queer women are less likely to be out in the workplace than male counterparts, with many seeing this as being career limiting. Research indicates that LGBTIQ+ women can often feel stereotyped and stigmatised for their intersection of being both a woman and identifying as LGBTIQ+. Lesbian Day of Visibility is a chance to emphasise the positive impact that visibility and acceptance has on the wellbeing of lesbian and queer women.


Show you are an ally. Wear a rainbow or Lesbian Pride pin to show your support. You can even pin them to notice boards or desktop partitions to leave a lasting reminder that lesbian and queer women are supported, welcome and safe in your workplace.  Visit Welcome Here: Diversity Days to download a mini awareness toolkit. We support employees. #BeYou


LGBTIQ+ Steering Committee
lgbtiq [at] psc.qld.gov.au

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