Effective Workplace Conversations


30 April 2020








We invite HPW employees and participants of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander career pathways service from other agencies to join us at the Effective workplace conversations program.

This session is aimed at addressing the everyday performance-based conversations our managers have with their staff. Using a practical approach, this one-day module is designed to build the capability and confidence of managers in delivering performance-based feedback, both positive and adjustive types of feedback, and building a culture of productive and continuous workplace conversations.

Learning outcomes

This course will give you a clear understanding of:

  • a manager’s role in building and sustaining a performance culture
  • performance conversations and how to give both positive and adjustive feedback as part of a manager’s day-to-day management practice
  • how to initiate regular, ongoing conversations
  • the linkages with other management processes.

Leadership competencies

This events aligns with the following Leadership competencies for Queensland:

  • Audience: Individual contributor, Team leader, Program Leader
  • Vision: Leads strategically, stimulates ideas and innovation, leads change in complex environments, makes insightful decisions.
  • Results: Develops and mobilises talent, builds enduring relationships, inspires others, drives accountability and outcomes.
  • Accountability: Fosters healthy and inclusive workplaces, pursues continuous growth, demonstrates sound governance.

What's involved

One full day face-to-face training.

Enrol or find out more

The training is provided by the Department of Housing and Public Works.

HPW employees—speak with your supervisor and HR representative.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander career pathways participants

This course is available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander career pathways participants. Limited spaces are available. To register or to find out more, please contact the career pathways team at careerpathways@psc.qld.gov.au.


Department of Housing and Public Works

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