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4 March 2021
4 March 2021






This masterclass is by invitation only.


Digital transformation is changing the way government and the public sector works and the work they do. That’s true around the world and it’s certainly true across Australia. Almost a year now of responding to major crises, from floods to fires and especially to the COVID-19 pandemic has given that process a very substantial boost.

But there are still big questions about what the process of change and innovation, which is often characterised by intense investment and activity, is achieving. The challenge often is to link that activity to a clear sense of purpose and intent that speaks to larger questions about the changing role of government itself.

In this interactive masterclass, Martin Stewart-Weeks and Simon Cooper will challenge you to re-think why digital transformation is so important and how it is changing the culture, practice and performance of public sector work, using a range of activities, including small breakout discussions, to help you learn and share ideas, insights and knowledge. The masterclass will also explore where digital transformation process is heading.

Target audience

This masterclass is for Directors'-General, Deputy Directors'-General and regional networks.


  • Directors'-General and Deputy Directors'-General: 4 March 2021 (9pm­–11pm)
  • Regional networks: 4 March 2021 (1pm­–3pm)

How to book

This masterclass forms part of the Queensland public sector development series 2021 and is by invitation. Sponsored placements have been made available to Leadership Board agencies.


Public Service Commission in partnership with ANZSOG.

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