Cultural Education with Mirri Mirri


9 February 2021
9 February 2021




Virtual (Online)


Mirri Mirri is a First Nations owned company. The word Mirri Mirri originates from the Kamilaroi language and translates as 'star'.

Mirri Mirri is delivering a condensed version of their training session as a part of the department's commitment to accelerate the development of a culturally agile workforce.

The workshops are designed to increase organisational engagement, understanding and connection with Aboriginal Australia. This includes increasing participant knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, exploring effective communication and engagement techniques, and focusing on creating a culturally safe work environment.

Mirri Mirri aim to educate in a manner that inspires change at both an individual and organisational level.


Their key focus areas for the workshop include:

  • History
  • Culture Identity
  • Capacity Building
  • Engagement
  • Their approach

Mirri Mirri’s approach is to create a mutually respectful environment whereby participants are able to learn about Aboriginal Australia. Our workshops are influenced by quality teaching methodologies and developed by tertiary qualified educators. To maximise participant involvement, workshops are resource based and require active participation using a hands-on approach that is both informative, fun and outcomes driven.

What’s involved

3.5 hour face to face virtual course

Enrol or find out more

We have 5 places available, per session for participants and supervisors of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander career pathways service to attend.

Leadership competencies

This events aligns with the following Leadership competencies for Queensland:

  • Audience: Individual contributor, Team leader, Program Leader, Executive, Chief executive
  • Vision: Leads strategically, stimulates ideas and innovation, leads change in complex environments, makes insightful decisions.
  • Results: Develops and mobilises talent, builds enduring relationships, inspires others, drives accountability and outcomes.
  • Accountability: Fosters healthy and inclusive workplaces, pursues continuous growth, demonstrates sound governance.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander career pathways participants

This course is available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander career pathways participants and their supervisors. Limited spaces are available. To register or to find out more, please contact the career pathways team at


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