Bisexual Visibility Day


23 September 2021


(All day)


Bisexual Visibility Day (also known as Celebrate Bisexuality Day) has been marked each year on 23 September since 1999 and is a day to recognise that acknowledging and increasing the visibility and inclusion for bisexual people. This is not only important in achieving diversity and inclusivity in workplaces, but necessary for the overall health and wellbeing of the bisexual community. Biphobia, bi-erasure and not being out is associated with poor mental health including higher rates of psychological distress than heterosexual and homosexual people.


Show you are an ally. Wear a rainbow or Bisexual Pride pin to show your support and increase awareness. You can even pin them to notice boards or desktop partitions to leave a lasting reminder that bisexual people are supported, welcome and safe in your workplace.  Visit Welcome Here: Diversity Days to download a mini awareness toolkit. We support employees. #BeYou


LGBTIQ+ Steering Committee
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