1 day masterclass - Leadership: the role of perseverance, with Meg Wheatley


12 September 2017




Seminar 2,
Level 4, B Block,
QUT, Gardens Point


Perseverance is the capacity to stay engaged with our work long after the passion has faded.  Yet it is also the discernment to know when to stop pushing the boulder uphill.  The Chinese character for perseverance is a knife suspended over a human heart, obviously a perilous path!  If we are to continue to offer our work in service to others and our society, we must learn the skills of perseverance.

We face increasing levels of challenge: economic, social, and cultural issues spiraling out of control; the loss of time, money, and healthy working relationships; increasing demands and distractions; strong emotions of anger, loss, grief; polarized and fracturing relationships; personal exhaustion and sadness. How do we maintain clarity, integrity and personal well-being amidst it all? How do we reconnect with joy? How do we persevere?

This day provides the opportunity to slow down, reflect and work together as we focus on the skills of how to persevere in the face of increasing challenges, distractions and exhaustion.  Using a variety of processes that encourage both personal reflection and group cohesion, participants will:

  • learn practices for reflection and self-assessment
  • develop awareness of th conditions that inspire them to persevere and those that trigger negative emotions and reactivity
  • explore their deepest motivation to continue their work in service to others
  • develop approaches to self-care in order to persevere
  • learn that joy and grace are consequences of how well we work together, no matter the external circumstances

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