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Evaluation of pilot flexible working program

In 2015–16, 3 Queensland Government agencies piloted flexible working approaches modelled on Telstra’s ‘All Roles Flex’ program. An evaluation of the pilot (PDF, 1.63 MB) found that, to increase agility and flexibility, the sector should:

  • take our employees as we find them and give them the tools to succeed
  • develop inclusive cultures that know how to use flexibility to achieve business advantage
  • reduce system and administrative barriers that impact on the uptake of flexibility.

    The Inclusion Champions of Change sought to measure the outcomes of the pilot by evaluating agencies’ ability to accept and allow routine changes to working hours, places and schedules in order to deliver optimal business outcomes and ensure employee wellbeing and work-life balance.

    The pilot agencies showed significant progress down the path to flexibility; however, there is still a long way to go. The pilot demonstrated that traditional, inflexible approaches to work are failing to meet employee and business needs and that flexible working is a strategic imperative to both attract and retain the future workforce.

    The Public Service Commission along with a number of other agencies are progressing 5 game changing ideas to disrupt the status quo and transform traditional approaches to work:

  • Replace the multitude of existing flexible work policies across the sector with a streamlined, principle-based framework called, ‘Flexible by Design’.
  • Interrupt the practice of full-time work being the default for recruitment.
  • Gather and share flexible work stories from across the sector to drive culture change.
  • Make sure part-time workers are not left behind by rolling out ‘Path to Parity’ programs.
  • Ensure accountability by monitoring performance.

Find flexible work arrangements tools and resources to help you implement flexible working in your workplace.