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Engage an engineer

The Queensland Government has a whole-of-government arrangement to engage professional engineering services. The arrangement includes approximately 300 suppliers from 9 disciplines and 41 sub-disciplines, and caters to metropolitan, regional and remote areas. 

The Scheme operates in 5 geographic service zones (162KB) with suppliers of varying size, local knowledge, capability and capacity.

How to engage an engineer

To engage an engineer, go to the engineering standing offer arrangement on the Queensland Contracts Directory.

You can access the SOA Request for Quotation function and its various suppliers via the VendorPanel web-based application.

Who can use this scheme

The Engineering Consultant Scheme is available to eligible:

  • Queensland Government budget-sector agencies and bodies
  • approved non-government organisations
  • government-owned corporations
  • federal, and other state, territory and local governments. 

Prequalification for suppliers 

The Queensland Government uses prequalification systems to ensure suppliers are suitably qualified and capable. Prequalification is required for all capital works projects (projects that have a value of more than $30,000 and a risk factor of 3 or 4), even if a supplier has already been accepted into the Engineering Consultant Scheme. All government transport and main roads projects fall into this category.


Disciplines include: 

  • transport infrastructure design and engineering—pavements, roads, highways, bridges, rail and marine
  • transport/traffic planning design, and economic studies
  • building design and engineering, and economic studies
  • geospatial and surveying
  • geotechnical design and engineering
  • hydraulic design and engineering
  • environmental design and engineering
  • project financial/commercial management, project management, project scheduling and related project administration
  • general and other technical engineering.

Read more about the Scheme’s discipline and role definitions (PDF, 179KB).


For more information, email the Scheme manager at ECScheme@qld.gov.au