Recruitment and selection (Directive 12/20)

25 September 2020-26 June 2023
Responsible agency:
Public Service Commission
Superseded by:


To specify the requirements applying to the recruitment and selection of public service employees.

The Public Service Act 2008 (PS Act) establishes employment on tenure is the default basis of employment in the public service, excluding non-industrial instrument employees, and sets out the circumstances where employment on tenure is not viable or appropriate.

This directive has been updated to support the Review of public sector employment laws. The review was commissioned by the government to ensure Queenslanders have the most responsive, consistent and reliable public service possible.

What has changed in this directive?

What’s new? Previous directive
Vacancies more than six months must be advertised. Vacancies more than 12 months must be advertised.
Updates terminology to fixed-term temporary employee. Terminology was temporary employee.
Requirement to declare conflicts of interest. Declaring conflicts of interest not specifically mentioned.

Download the directive

Recruitment and selection (Directive 12/20) (PDF File, 1.0 MB)

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