Positive performance management (Directive 15/20)

25 September 2020-current
Responsible agency:
Public Service Commission


Public service employment is to be directed towards promoting best practice human resource management, including through the application of the positive performance management principles set out in section 25A of the Public Service Act 2008 (PS Act).

This directive:

  1. outlines the principles of positive performance management in section 25A of the PS Act
  2. details the processes for managing employee work performance, including during induction and probation
  3. describes the use of performance and development agreements
  4. details the process of managing unacceptable work performance in a supportive way.

This directive has been updated to support the Review of public sector employment laws. The review was commissioned by the government to ensure Queenslanders have the most responsive, consistent and reliable public service possible.

What has changed in this directive?

What’s new? Previous directive
The Public Service and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2020 amendments include seven positive performance management principles. This is a new requirement of the legislation with no previous corresponding directive or framework.
Requires these principles to be applied before taking disciplinary action for performance.
Provides for a new directive to be developed.
The directive sets out the expectations for agencies to implement positive performance management principles in practice.

Download the directive

Positive performance management (Directive 15/20) (PDF File, 412.3 KB)

Positive performance management (Directive 15/20) (, )

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