LEAD4QLD leadership assessment

Complete the LEAD4QLD leadership assessment to understand your capabilities and identify the development areas required to succeed as a leader in the Queensland Government.

Receive a personal leadership insights report to help plan your leadership development journey. See LEAD4QLD  (PDF, 1.4 MB) for more.

The assessment takes up to 7 hours to complete. A Hudson concierge will guide you through the process and book you into your assessment activities.

Your personal information and results will inform development and talent management initiatives at an individual, agency and sector level. Queensland Government Chief Executives, HR managers and their delegates, and a restricted number of employees from Hudson and the PSC will have access to your results.

Assessment activities

You’ll complete several assessments to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and attributes against your leadership stream. See Leadership competencies for Queensland for more about leadership streams.

The assessments will be online and in-person:

  • Online: personality and work style assessments, problem solving assessment, demographic and experience survey, 180-degree feedback assessment.
  • In-person: interactive engagement, structured conversation, coaching session.

The assessments capture insights about you in your role at a point in time.

Coaching session

After your assessments, you’ll have a coaching session with a qualified psychologist to discuss your results, discover new insights and establish development goals.

Your coach will give you a tailored leadership insights report. You can use this to guide you in your development conversations with your supervisor.

Insights report

Use your insights report to inform your leadership goals and development actions. Discuss these with your supervisor and include them in your Performance and development agreement.

See Leadership courses for government employees for programs you can access as part of your leadership development journey.

You’ll need financial approval from your agency to cover the cost of this assessment. There are 3 packages to choose from:

  • Insights—a foundational insight process to guide development. It includes assessment, leadership insights report and psychologist debrief.
  • Insights plus—a deeper, broader exploration to drive targeted development. It includes insights package plus extra assessments, extended report and psychologist debrief.
  • Insights refresh—measure progress 2 to 3 years after completing the Insights package. It includes assessment, leadership insights report and psychologist debrief.

See LEAD4QLD (PDF, 1.4 MB) for pricing.

Once you have financial approval, speak to your HR team to complete your registration.