Digital project board governance program

We have partnered with QUTeX to design and deliver the Queensland Government digital project board governance program.

The program is designed to equip our senior leaders with the competencies and tools needed to effectively lead digital transformation and delivery of responsive government services as members of digital project boards and steering committees.

Program structure

The program consists of 3 courses that will help develop the competencies needed to:

  • successfully manage digital risk
  • steer digital investments to a successful outcome.

Completion of the program is highly recommended by the Queensland Government Chief Customer and Digital Officer. It will support you to gain accreditation (QUTeX Micro Credential) for roles on Queensland Government digital project boards or steering committee membership.

Course 1: Digital Project Board Governance Basics

Course 1 is open to those interested in raising their awareness of the topic.

This online course introduces governing digital transformation. It will cover the case for effective governance, explore a relevant case study and incorporate governance and roles of program boards.

Course 1 is a free 1 hour online self-directed learning.

It is a pre-requisite for the masterclass.

Access Course 1 online

Course 2: Digital Project Board Governance Masterclass

The masterclass is available to those who have completed the online basics course.

The module is designed for senior executives within the Queensland Public Service, typically at SES Level. Participants are likely to be involved in the governance of a digital project, program or steering committee which may include being the nominated senior responsible officer. On completion participants will be awarded a QUTeX Silver Digital Badge to acknowledge their learning.

Building on the online basics course, the masterclass will help to:

  • understand digital transformation as a necessary response in a context of digital disruption
  • recognise and understand risk in the context of the digital investment lifecycle
  • understand the role of program boards and members in leading and governing digital transformation
  • understand the Queensland Government's gated review process in the context of digital program boards
  • apply effective questioning techniques to interrogate projects, identify benefits and inform decisions about the continuing business case.

Course 2 is approximately 16 hours of learning over 5 weeks, including:

  • self-directed online learning
  • interactive facilitator-led virtual classrooms (or classrooms can be offered face-to-face)
  • workplace application.


  • $1,100 for individual enrolments
  • $28,050 for an in-house group of up to 35 participants

Check the QUT program guide for course 2 dates.

Course 3: Accredited Digital Project Board Member (Micro-Credential)

Course 3 is available to those who have completed the online basics course and the masterclass. This course will enable participants to become an accredited digital project board member.

Micro-credentials are certification style qualifications that are designed to help address a need in the market and meets the standard or the relevant profession or industry.

On completion the participant will:

  • be awarded a QUTeX micro-credential to acknowledge their learning and assessment
  • become an accredited Queensland Government digital project board/steering committee member.

Course 3 is approximately 60 hours of learning over 10 weeks, including:

  • self-directed online learning
  • interactive facilitator-led virtual classrooms
  • workplace assignment.

The assignment work will be to review the performance of a digital project board/steering committee for a major digital project in a different agency. The review will be against a set of specific governance criteria and will require the learner to provide recommendations. It would be the intention to provide a copy of the report to the agency reviewed.


  • $1,375 for individual enrolments.

Check the QUT program guide for course 3 dates.