Cyber Skills Accelerator Program

If you have been thinking about how to get started in a cyber career pathway, the Cyber Skills Accelerator program might be for you!

The Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group is committed to building cyber capability and providing training to boost our cyber workforce.

The Queensland Government Cyber Security Unit (CSU) is pleased to offer Queensland Government employees three opportunities to accelerate their pathway to a cyber career as part of the Cyber Skills Accelerator program:

  • IT Essentials Bridging Program—a first step for staff without IT skills or who need a refresh before applying for the Certificate 4 Cyber Security
  • Certificate 4 Cyber Security—suitable for staff who have either completed the IT Essentials Bridging course or who already have foundational IT skills and who want to develop skills and knowledge for cyber operational roles
  • Cyber Security Mobility Program—targeting staff who have completed the Certificate 4 Cyber Security and want to build their on-the-job experience.

IT Essentials Bridging Program

Staff interested in applying for the Certificate 4 without a background in IT or who would like to refresh their IT skills are encouraged to sign up for the IT Essentials Bridging Program (ITE).

The ITE is designed to bridge the gap to a cyber (or digital) career by offering practical learning experiences to help staff develop fundamental IT skills, including the procedures needed for hardware and software installations, upgrades, and troubleshooting.

The course only takes 3 hours of class time and 3 hours of personal study per week, for 10 weeks.

Successful completion of this program will greatly assist staff with foundational concepts that will enable a smoother transition into the Certificate 4 in Cyber Security.


For the October 2022 intake, the bridging course will be run as a co-contribution model. The retail cost of the course is $880. Agencies will contribute only $400 per participant with the remainder funded by CSU.

How to apply

Second offering now open.

Applications for the October 2022 ITE bridging program are open and close 30 September 2022. To express your interest please visit the TAFE portal and complete the short form. The course will commence on Tuesday 4 October and conclude on Wednesday 7 December 2022.

Certificate 4 Cyber Security

The Queensland Government Certificate 4 Cyber Security Program is designed to develop skills and knowledge to facilitate entry into cyber operations roles. The program targets:

  • Level 1 IT support staff
  • staff who are looking to build on their IT background and take up a role in cyber security
  • non-IT staff who are passionate about pursuing a career change to cyber security (completion of the ITE is recommended for this group).


The retail cost for the Certificate 4 Cyber Security program is to be advised and will be co-funded by CSU and the employee’s department. The CSU is hoping to maximise uptake of the Job Trainer subsidy meaning the cost of the course could be as little as $50. If participants are ineligible, agencies will only pay $3,500 with CSU covering the remainder.

How to apply

Now closed.

Expressions of interest for the 2023 Queensland Government Certificate 4 Cyber Security program have now closed – we appreciate your interest in this very popular program.

Timeline for ITE Bridging Program and Certificate 4

August – September
September – November
  • Certificate 4 in Cyber Security program 2023 commences.
  • ITE Bridging Program (October 2022) concludes.

Cyber Security Mobility Program

The Cyber Security Mobility Program is a unique capability development program designed and hosted by CSU to support our Certificate 4 Cyber Security alumni to gain relevant, on the job cyber security operations experience.

The first pilot of this program commenced in mid-2022 with two successful applicants joining the CSU as Cyber Technology Officers for a period of up to 12 months.

During this time the mobility participants will be exposed to a range of cyber operation sprints (e.g., security operations centre duties, DMARC, cyber exercising, etc) that will help them kick start their cyber careers in Queensland Government and create job ready cyber talent for departments.

How to apply

Queensland Government Certificate 4 Cyber Security alumni will be invited to apply for this program directly as positions become available.

More information

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