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Emergencies and crash procedure

If you're involved in a crash, please follow these instructions:

  1. Stay calm and be helpful. Avoid admitting fault or liability.
  2. Call triple zero (000) if there is an emergency or if any of the following ‘police attendance criteria’ are met:
    • death or injury (requiring medical attention from a qualified ambulance officer, nurse or doctor)
    • suspected involvement of drugs and/or alcohol
    • a driver fails, has failed or is refusing to provide required details
    • a hazardous environment or threat to public safety exists, including traffic congestion (e.g. fuel spill, power lines down)
    • a driver with an impairment or disability requires police assistance.
  3. If none of the 'police attendance criteria' are met:
    • exchange information with the other person involved in the crash
    • arrange for the vehicles involved in the traffic crash to be moved (if safe to do so)
    • where required, report the traffic crash to the Queensland Police Service within 24 hours.
      Please note: All drivers involved are required to exchange the following details:
      • full name and address—QFleet should also be noted as the owner of the vehicle
      • workplace details, including contact number
      • registration number, make and model of all vehicles involved.
  4. To organise towing, call Vero on 1300 888 073 in the first instance for authorisation. They will then provide you with further instructions. You will be required to lodge an insurance claim over the phone and provide the information outlined below:
    • Your name, licence number, and contact details
    • The date, time and location of the crash
    • Details of the crash
    • Details of the damage
      Please note: Towing after a crash is not part of your vehicle's RACQ Road Service, however, it is covered in the Vero comprehensive insurance.
  5. After the incident/accident is under control, at the earliest convenience report it to your Agency Fleet Manager and QFleet.