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Disposal freezes

A disposal freeze overrides any earlier disposal authority given by the State Archivist for the relevant period. Freezes can be internal (issued by your agency’s CEO or delegate) or issued by the State Archivist.

Disposal freezes are issued when it is necessary to temporarily stop the destruction of records (e.g. when records are required for legal proceedings or commissions of inquiry). They are issued for a set period of time, although they may be open ended if an end date can’t be determined.

Internal Disposal Freezes

Before issuing an internal disposal freeze, undertake a risk assessment and/or seek legal advice to determine if one is needed and which records it should cover.

See an example of an internal disposal freeze.

State Archivist issued disposal freeze

The State Archivist may issue a disposal freeze for a particular agency or for certain records. If this occurs, we will consult with impacted agencies and inform all relevant parties.

See our Disposal Freeze Policy. (PDF, 345 KB)

Current disposal freezes

The State Archivist has not issued any current disposal freezes.

The previous disposal freeze concerning official departmental copies of Executive Council Minutes, issued by the State Archivist on 18 December 2015, was revoked on 1 September 2016. The State Archivist formally notified affected agencies of this revocation.

Check with your agency for internal freezes.

What to do if a disposal freeze is issued

If a disposal freeze is issued you are responsible for ensuring any records covered by the freeze are not destroyed during the freeze.

You should:

  • identify which records are impacted by the freeze
  • tell impacted employees of their obligations
  • keep documentation to show that you have acted to prevent the destruction of affected records.