Design BQ information architecture

All content published to Business Queensland (BQ) must have a logical information architecture (IA) and fit in with the site’s existing structure. 

BQ is a large site with many different audience groups. We will work with you to make sure your content can be easily found and understood by your customers.

Information architecture checklist

Consider the following when developing your content’s IA:

  • Develop a structure that is flat and not too deep (e.g. 10-15 children maximum).
  • Ensure there is a logical flow and hierarchy.
  • Review BQ’s IA to find if your content can fit into an existing section.
  • Avoid redundancy and duplication (within section or across whole site).
  • Use redirect links to direct users to key information published elsewhere on site (avoid duplication).
  • Ensure it addresses both users’ needs, and business’ needs.
  • Develop categories that reflect users’ needs (not your agency’s organisational structure).
  • Use language your customers will understand – this may be different from the legislative jargon or ‘official terms’ used by your agency.
  • Ensure there is a place for every chunk of information.
  • Create a structure allowing for growth and change.
  • Ensure all individual pages have relevant content, and are not just menus.
  • Conduct customer testing or a card sort to better understand how users will interact with content.


Contact the BQ team for assistance.