Module 4: Checkpoint 21—Progressive disclosure

Conformance: Desirable


Progressive disclosure should be used when appropriate.

Benefits of conformance

  • Reduced completion time.
  • Increased completion rate.

Risks of non-conformance

  • Increased cognitive load required to determine which questions apply in given context.

Implementation advice

More information

Progressive disclosure minimises clutter by presenting only the minimum set of relevant information. Within forms, only questions that apply in a given context are displayed. Follow up questions are shown on subsequent screens or immediately using client-side scripting, as they become relevant.

A progressive enhancement approach is recommended so that process completion is not reliant on client-side scripting.

Note: If heavily employed, progressive disclosure can affect a user’s expectation of the size and time required to complete a form. In this case it is recommended that an estimated completion time is provided at the start of the form or process.

Correct implementation: The ‘Tax details’ section expands to request ‘ABN’ and “Registered name’ when the user opts to receive a tax invoice.

Correct implementation: The 'Tax details' section expands to request 'ABN' and 'Registered name' when the user opts to receive a tax invoice.