Create or change a vendor (online)


What is this?

Create or change a vendor in the SAP system.
Queensland Shared Services (QSS) customers on SAP ECC6
Level of expertise
Basic finance knowledge


Single SAP form

Vendor eForm incorporates creating, extending, blocking and unblocking, and changes to vendor records. Existing SAP users complete the eForm via the SAP portal.

Enforces separation of roles

Three separate SAP roles (requestor, endorser and approver) are required to log in for a vendor record to be created or changed.

Improved internal controls

Role segregation, audit trail tracking and detailed reporting, including logged keystrokes, all strengthen master data security.


Reduce preparation time

A single point of data entry reduces agency and QSS effort, resulting in faster processing.

Approvals workflow

Nominated roles receive automatic notification of action required. Log on to endorse, approve, reject or forward a request without spending time printing and signing documents.

Track progress

View the status of your request in real time, as well as comments and actions.

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