Create or change a position number (offline)


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Create or abolish a position, or change a position's details if ESS isn't available.
Queensland Shared Services (QSS) customers
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Single interactive form to maintain, create, or abolish positions

Create a new or relinquished position, or modify or abolish an existing position with a single form.

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Coordinate restructures

Implement minor restructures with minimum administrative load.


Ensure recruitment goes smoothly by confirming establishment details before advertising.

Proceed with your recruitment process knowing that you are managing your staffing levels within budget.

Assists with effective staff management

Provides an approved structure for positions and staff, helping to ensure that resources are allocated to meet departmental priorities. Easy leave approvals with requests flowing up the organisation structure based on HR delegations and the authority levels contained in the position data.

Budget control and payroll accuracy

Assists with budget control because costing details are assigned at the position level based on the actual holder of the position. Reduce payroll errors because staff are appointed to positions with pre-determined pay scales.


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