Create or change an organisation unit


What is this?

Use the Organisation unit create/change form to create, modify or abolish organisation units.
Queensland Shared Services (QSS) customers
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Interactive form to maintain, create, or abolish organisation units

Create, abolish or redesignate an organisation unit, change organisation unit costing, or transfer an organisation unit with a single interactive form.

Machinery of government changes

Single form to rearrange your organisation structure in line with machinery of government changes.

Coordinate restructures

Implement minor restructures with minimum administrative load.


Rely on the right advice when auditing or restructuring your business area

QSS Establishment Management can help you through restructures or audit exercises.

Avoid unintended downstream consequences

Save time and effort by checking all the boxes.

Use our resources and be certain you are working with current knowledge

Lost expertise in your HR groups? Get peace of mind that you are operating with the latest information by working with the experts in establishment management.


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