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Constructive workplace cultures

We will create workplace cultures that:

  • put Queenslanders first by focusing on what matters to them
  • foster a highly capable, empowered and ethical workforce
  • enable high-performance and support our people to do their very best every time
  • drive teamwork and high-levels of engagement.

Workplace initiatives

Key workforce initiatives that champion constructive workplaces:


Achieve meaningful cultural change:

  • genuinely engage in open and collaborative ways with others and consulting with the community about the matters that affect them
  • informed decision making, act with integrity, and be accountable for all that we do
  • foster and sustain values-led ways of working
  • value and prioritise initiative, creativity, innovation, inclusion, and diversity
  • model contemporary and mutually beneficial workforce and workplace practices.

Our leaders:

  • share a clear and compelling vision for the future
  • demonstrate strong leadership in everyday behaviours, actions and decisions
  • collaborate and work in partnership
  • give their people a sense of meaning and show them that their efforts make a difference
  • support employees to build the skills and resilience to adapt to change.

2016 priorities:

  • support employees affected by domestic and family violence
  • embed inclusion and diversity, and gender equity
  • model flexible work arrangements 
  • develop leadership talent.

Success indicators:

  • improved workforce perceptions of working for the Queensland public sector
  • increased workforce participation for people from diverse groups
  • increased percentage of women in senior leadership positions
  • greater use of flexible work arrangements
  • reduced absenteeism.

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