Consider a performance improvement plan

Under section 26 of the Public Service Act 2008 (the PS Act), managers must take prompt and appropriate action to address the unacceptable work performance of employees who report to them.

The process for managing unacceptable work performance must be supportive, directed to the positive performance management principles in section 25A of the PS Act, and take into account factors (work and non-work related issues) that may be affecting the employee. Improved standards of work performance is best achieved through a supportive approach, where managers and employees work together to identify any issues impacting on the employee and putting in place strategies to overcome these.

In situations where support and management action do not bring about improvement to the employee’s work performance to the required standard, it may be necessary for a manager to implement a more formal process through the introduction of a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).

The Public Service Commission has designed resources to support management decision-making surrounding the implementation of a PIP. These include a checklist for managers to use when considering if a PIP is the right step, a PIP template and frequently asked questions about performance improvement processes.