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Common repair items


QFleet customers are responsible for the cost of replacement windscreens. In an emergency, you can arrange for the windscreen repairer to send the account to QFleet and an invoice will be sent to your organisation at a later date.

Major windscreen repairers include:


Replacement tyres should match the tyres originally fitted to the vehicle. For example, Bridgestone tyres should be replaced with new Bridgestone tyres. All tyres must comply with the vehicle tyre placard. If in doubt, contact QFleet Maintenance Controllers on 1800 061 819 for more information. The cost of replacement tyres may be included in your vehicle lease. However, restrictions do apply and are dependent on the conditions of the lease.

Major tyre suppliers include:


For most QFleet vehicles, batteries are covered under the vehicle’s warranty for at least 12 months.  When battery problems occur, we recommend you return the vehicle to the manufacturer authorised dealership.

When it is not possible to return the vehicle to the manufacturer authorised dealership, a qualified person (such as an RACQ Roadside Assistance mechanic) should diagnose the battery problem. A battery should only be replaced when it is diagnosed that it cannot be successfully recharged.

Major battery suppliers include:

Please contact QFleet Maintenance Controllers on 1800 061 819 for information on all repairs.