Changes to smoking laws

Do you know about the changes to laws regarding smoking as of 1 September 2016?

As government employees, we need to be particularly aware that the new laws:

  • increase the smoke-free buffer at all non-residential building entrances from 4 to 5 metres
  • ban smoking at pedestrian precincts around prescribed state government buildings.

The new laws incur hefty fines for individuals and organisations.

Other changes to the laws:

  • ban smoking within 5 metres of public transport waiting points such as bus stops, taxi ranks and ferry terminals
  • ban smoking within 10 metres of playing and viewing areas during organised under-18  sporting events
  • ban smoking within 10 metres of skate parks
  • ban smoking within 5 metres of early childhood education and care services, including kindergartens and places offering after school hour care
  • ban smoking at all outdoor pedestrian malls
  • ban smoking within 5 metres of all residential aged care facilities, outside of designated areas
  • ban smoking at public swimming pool facilities
  • ban the sale of tobacco products from temporary retail outlets
  • empower local government to ban smoking in any public space not covered by a state-wide smoking bans.

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