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Car sharing

QFleet’s car sharing arrangement is available to government agencies from February 2019.

Best suited for short car trips, this service builds on the success of the recent car sharing trial.

The staged introduction of the service commences February 2019 in the Brisbane CBD and will progressively include more agencies and vehicle collection points. QFleet car sharing will expand to greater Brisbane and regional locations during 2019.

Key benefits:

  • compliments agencies current QFleet leasing arrangements
  • online self-service booking system
  • automated vehicle access
  • greater range of vehicle choice and pick-up locations
  • automated logbooks
  • access to the latest motor vehicle technology e.g. electric vehicles.

QFleet is consulting with agencies on how the car sharing service could compliment current vehicle leasing arrangements. To find out more, please contact the project team at CSMIP@hpw.qld.gov.au.

QFleet will make regular updates to this page as the car sharing service is implemented.