Captioning suppliers

Captioning services – live

Live captioning of speeches, conferences or other events, where words appear on the screen up to 3-5 seconds after they are spoken.

Provider Description of services
Auslan Connections Onsite and remote live captioning
Pacific Transcription Live onsite or live remote captioning (live audio accessed by offsite stenographer, who will stream transcript back within seconds).
Caption It Does live captioning for numerous forms of media.
The Captioning Studio Live captions viewable on PCs, Macs, Apple and Android. Approved Service Provider with Commonwealth’s Job Access Initiative since 2008. Remote or in person.

Captioning services – post event

Captioning of speeches, conferences or other events after an event has finished.

Provider Description of services
Auslan Connections Transcription, subtitling, and translation of audio and video recordings
The SubStation Captioning of numerous media forms.
Pacific Transcription Captioning (open and closed).
Caption It Captioning of numerous media and presentation forms.
The Captioning Studio Post event captioning, commercials, live theatre etc.
Microsoft Stream Able to include closed captions on any presentations/videos.