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Capability builder - HR Competency Framework

Professional competencies:

  • Business-aligned designer
  • Culture and change leader
  • Partner and coach

Business-aligned designer

Builds high performance workplaces: designs and sustains workplaces and workspaces aligned to current and future business needs.


  • Works with leaders across the business to develop strategic workforce plans that support current and future business requirements
  • Co-designs the organisation, workplaces and jobs for the future needs and capabilities required by the business
  • Works with leaders to attract, develop and retain a capable and high performing workforce which meets the organisation's workforce requirements into the future
  • Anticipates and responds to external and internal business drivers that require adjustment to the current workplace and workforce

Key supporting skills

  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Organisational and workforce design
  • Workforce attraction, development, performance and retention, including recruitment and selection

Culture and change leader

Fosters a productive and sustainable organisational culture. Leads change with tenacity and humility.


  • Drives the creation of a productive and constructive culture to deliver the organisation's strategy and priorities
  • Works with leaders to develop business cases for change and improvement, and identifies and engages people who can make change happen
  • Leads change initiatives which demonstrate a deep understanding of the impacts on all parts of the organisation
  • Develops and supports a culture of inclusion, collaboration and diversity that drives organisational performance and outcomes

Key supporting skills

  • Workplace culture analysis and improvement
  • Change management
  • Inclusiveness

Partner and coach

Trusted advisor: Builds and fosters relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders to ensure organisational capability and performance.


  • Partners with leaders, industry and stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement and develop valued and effective HR solutions
  • Understands different stakeholders' needs and priorities to deliver effective advice and solutions
  • Is a trusted advisor for people and business decisions
  • Effectively coaches leaders to inspire, motivate and build the performance of their workforce

Key supporting skills

  • Coaching
  • Organisational performance development