Capability Blueprint

The Capability Blueprint program has been developed to focus attention on organisational capability and drive increased organisational performance, to enable the Queensland public sector to be the best we can be.

The CEO Leadership Board has agreed that all Queensland Government departments will develop Capability Blueprints over a four year period (to 2019 – 2020). The Public Service Commission has responsibility for coordinating the overall program of Capability Blueprints, on behalf of the CEO Leadership Board.

What is it?

The Capability Blueprint program is based on the capability review framework and capability model, which is widely used in the United Kingdom and more recently in the Australian Public Service (APS) and New Zealand. This approach has a track record of success and positive outcomes. Our program is a variation on the approach taken by the APS, to align with our specific Queensland context.

As part of the program, each department will participate in a short, intensive process to develop a high-level Capability Blueprint. The blueprint process analyses the department’s leadership, strategy and delivery capabilities within a common framework, and provides an organisational ‘health-check’ that identifies areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Blueprints are conducted by a small team made up of employees from both within the department and from the broader sector. This approach means that each blueprint benefits from the organisational knowledge of departmental staff as well as from broader perspectives and is a great professional development opportunity for all employees involved.

The process results in a report that is delivered to the director-general. It does not contain recommendations, rather it identifies areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. It is up to each director-general to determine how the department will respond to ideas from the blueprint.

Directors-general will report back to the Leadership Board on what their department learned through the blueprint process, and their plan for continuous improvement based on their process.

Join a blueprint team to develop your leadership skills

Being part of a blueprint is an exciting professional development opportunity. Teams work closely with directors-general and senior leaders to build a diagnostic that will enable departments to reflect on their performance and capability, and to consider how they can continuously improve as an organisation.

Team members with different skills and experience will come together for a short, intensive period to conduct the department’s blueprint. These roles are temporary secondments for permanent employees at your current level (typically team leader, program leader or executive - AO8-SO) for a period of up to 12-weeks.

Capability Blueprint team members’ contribution and development align with the team leader and program leader levels from the Leadership competencies for Queensland.

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