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Business thinker - HR Competency Framework

Professional competency

  • Business driven
  • Strategy architect
  • Data and metric savvy

Business driven

Relentless focus on the business: Positions all workforce initiatives directly to business goals and strategy, taking account of internal and external drivers.


  • Applies the language of the organisation in everyday interactions
  • Anticipates and advises impacts of internal trends and changing government policy and legislation
  • Translates the impact of external business trends (such as social, technological, economic, demographic)
  • Demonstrates a strong understanding of key business drivers and needs

Key supporting skills

  • Strategic thinking
  • Systems thinking
  • Business acumen

Strategy architect

Delivers on the business strategy: Is a key contributor to the design and delivery of business and organisational strategy and goals.


  • Influences the organisation’s strategic response to business priorities
  • Engages in high-level business analysis to formulate effective, long-term workforce responses to critical business priorities
  • Translates business strategies into effective workforce strategies that improve organisational performance
  • Ensures workforce strategies have measurable outcomes that achieve organisational goals and priorities

Key supporting skills

  • Business analysis
  • Workforce strategy development
  • Performance measurement

Data and metric savvy

Measures success: Seeks, interprets and communicates data and metrics in order to support business decisions and to measure the impact of workforce investments on business performance.


  • Demonstrates understanding of business data and metrics, and defines workforce metrics actively used by the business
  • Uses workforce data, and lead and lag indicators to identify and inform current and future workforce requirements
  • Measures the business impacts of HR initiatives on organisational priorities
  • Benchmarks against high performing organisations, like entities and research findings to identify improvement opportunities

Key supporting skills

  • Metric design
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Program evaluation